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Biscotti x Gushers Strain (Biscotti x Gushers), Buy Biscotti x Gushers Online

Biscotti x Gushers Strain, also known as “GushersBiscotti,” is an Indica dominant hybrid strain (80% Indica/20% Sativa) created through crossing the classic biscotti x gushers. Ready for a super delicious flavor and heady, relaxing high? Biscotti Gushers packs it all into each and every toke. Connected biscotti x gushers bud has a super sweet fruity berry flavor with hints of skunky citrus and earthy pine on exhale.

Gushers x biscotti is a rare Indica dominant hybrid strain (80% Indica/20% Sativa) created through a delicious cross of the classic Gelato #25 X Girl Scout Cookies X Gorilla Glue #4 strains. If you’re looking for a classic Indica with an insanely delicious flavor, you’ve found it. Gushers buds are bursting in flavor and provide a smooth, even-burning smoke with every drag. Proud parents – Triangle Kush x Gelato 41.

The aroma OF gelonade x biscotti x gushers is heavy and pungent, with a spicy gas overtone that’s accented by fresh ripe berries and sweet fruits. The Biscotti Gushers high hits you almost as soon as you experience your final exhale, filling your mind with a lifted sense of happiness that has you feeling happy, calm, and totally at ease with the world around you. As you settle into this euphoric mental state, a relaxing body high will begin to creep over your physical form, leaving you slightly couch-locked.

Connected Biscotti x Gushers

This will quickly turn sedative, leaving you dozing off before you know it. With these effects and its insanely high 25-35% average THC level. Biscotti x gushers connected is perfect for treating depression, chronic stress, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, and chronic fatigue. This bud has thick spade-shaped dense olive green nugs with thin orange hairs and a coating of frosty milky amber crystal trichomes. biscotti x gushers outdoor connected

We took our award-winning biscotti x gushers leafly with all of its coffee chocolatey goodness and paired it with the gassy intensity of Gushers. When we married these two strains together we were hoping for a bigger yield and a potency that blew you out of the water… we think we nailed it. biscotti x gushers disposable

Creation of the iconic Cookies Fam genetics, founded by Berner and legendary grower Jigga, Biscotti is a tasty combination of their flagship GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies ), Gelato #25, and South Florida OG. Biscotti x gushers strain Leafly is said to have a sweet and buttery aroma, translating into a slightly bitter taste reminiscent of coffee.

Gushers x Biscotti

The classic Gushers and Biscotti strains give their kid the same delicious flavors and skunky-yet-appealing flavors. Those who suffer from a lack of euphoria and an excess of depression may need a retreat to a skunky pine and herby-earth exile. Well, you’re in luck – Biscotti Gushers is the king there and he’s requesting your presence. lemonatti x biscotti x gushers

Connected Cannabis Co. combines two top strains to create this premium outdoor flower. Biscotti x Gushers is a cannabis connoisseur’s choice that is rich in flavor while packing a powerful punch. A Hybrid flower that combines euphoria and sedation with a powerful mind and body high. The biscotti x gushers seeds are a fusion of Connected’s two popular strains, were grown in a mixed light green house, and have resulted in an astonishingly high THC amount. biscotti x gushers pre rolled joints

Connected brings you the delicious combo of Biscotti x Gushers Strain, and brings together these delicious hybrids to help ease away all the stress of the day. This Hybrid is perfect for any time use! Biscotti x Gushers – Indoor. This hybrid cross mixes our famous Biscotti strain with our original Gushers. You’re going to get a beautiful fruity and gassy scent overall with a hint of coffee cake and a helluva high. This hybrid cross mixes our famous Biscotti strain with our original Gushers. connected biscotti x gushers, buy biscotti x gushers online

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