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Cake Mints Strain

Cake Mints Strain recently made its way onto our shelves and we couldn’t be happier. This potent cross of Lemon Pound Cake and Kush Mints is the ultimate indica flower. Thanks to its high concentration of THC and sweet minty flavors, anyone who has the pleasure to smoke this strain will instantly understand why it’s such a sought-after flower.

We’re breaking down everything there is to know about our favorite indica in this Cake Mints strain review. Pop open the jar and you’ll quickly notice aromas like skunk and lemon. But put the bud right under your nose, you’ll be able to better smell the complex aromas such as spice, cheese, and even a hint of diesel.

Right off the bat, Cake Mints delivers fire flavors of citrus and fresh fruit. Your mouth will be watering for another taste of this indica. The Cake is an extremely rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through a tasty cross of True Afghani X OG Kush. This bud is not to be confused with Birthday Cake Kush – it’s an entirely different experience.

It may not taste like actual cake, but this bud truly does take the cake for kicking back with friends or family in settings where you need a little encouragement to be social. The high starts with a mild uplifted effect that leaves you feeling happy and encouraged with a sense of calm.

What is Mint Cake Strain?

Cake Mints is a heavy indica strain that was made by crossing its parent strains, Lemon Pound Cake and Kush Mints. This strain takes each of the best traits from each parent. Lemon Pound Cake gives it that deliciously sweet and fruity flavor, while Kush Mints lends its minty taste and high THC concentration.

The most important part of any strain is the effects. If it tastes great, smells great, looks great, but the effects aren’t so great, then there’s no point in smoking it. Luckily, Cake Mints doesn’t disappoint. Due to its high THC amount, Cake Mints is an ideal flavor for enjoying in the evening. After a few hits, you’ll see why.

Mint Cake, also known as “Cake Mints” or “Cake Mintz,” is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Wedding Cake with Animal Mints. The effects of Mint Cake are more calming than energizing. Consumers who have smoked this strain say it tastes sweet and creamy, with orange and cinnamon undertones.

CloneEarthyEuphoricHappyIndicaRelaxedSweetVanillaWedding Cake

About this Cake Mints Strain Ozone

Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies, is a rare phenotype created by Seed Junky Genetics when the breeder crossed a mother Triangle Kush with Animal Mints pollen. The L.A.-based Jungle Boys named Wedding Cake because of its sparkling resin and vanilla cake frosting aroma.

Wedding Cake took home 1st prize for Best Hybrid Flower at the 2018 SoCal High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, among its many awards since origination.

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28 Grams (Ounce), Quarter Pound, Half Pound, 1 Pound


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