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Cereal Milk Strain, Buy Cereal Milk Weed Online

Cereal Milk Strain is one of the strains created by Cookies family . It is a cross between (Cookies x Cherry pie) and Snowman. This is a sativa dominant strain that will keep you coming back for more. This cookies strain packs a sweet and rich sugary taste with traces of fruits all through. Practically, it has the taste of a left over bowl of milk cereals. Cereal Milk is an uncommon uniformly equal crossover strain (half sativa /half indica) from intersecting  Snowman X Y-Life strains. Buy Cereal Milk Weed Strain online today.

Looking for a super unique flavor and a long-lasting high that’s perfect for a lazy weekend day? You’ve found it with Cereal Milk. This lovely lady packs a sweet and creamy sugary taste with hints of fruits and berries throughout., almost like a leftover bowl of cereal milk The aroma is very similar, although with a light herbal touch to it, too. The Cereal Milk high is just as delightful as the flavor, with effects that will have you feeling calm yet focused for hours on end. You’ll feel a euphoric lift at the onset of the high, filling your entire mind with a sense of pure happiness and lifted bliss.

Cereal Milk

This a potent but balanced sativa-indica hybrid hybrid cannabis strain that has been gaining popularity in the marijuana community. It comes from Cookies, a well-known brand and manufacturer of marijuana strains. Cereal milk has an aroma and flavor similar to, you guessed it, cereal milk, which makes it seem like you’re vaping your favorite breakfast cereal!

Also, Cereal Milk is a soothing weed flavor that gives you an energizing boost without the anxiety-inducing qualities of other sativa strains. Cereal milk relaxes aches and pains, while bringing out creativity in many users. It also has uplifting effects which encourage movement rather than slowing it down as many indica hybrids do, which can be helpful for people at home or on their daily commute to work!

This strain can also be a great way to make it through the workday. Many users describe their high as one that’s incredibly balanced with equal parts of a mellow mindset blended with just enough energetic creativity. Artists may particularly love this flavor if they’ve been feeling like they need some extra motivation, and for those who are well-versed in weed, Cereal Milk could provide the focus needed to move through your list effortlessly.

Cereal Milk Weed Strain

Some might not consider Cereal Milk to be too terribly strong, but if you’re a newer smoker, her high of 23% THC could certainly pack a wallop. A cross between Snowman and Y Life, each nug is hefty in size with a dark olive color that’s highlighted by shades of mint. Dark hairs are plentiful and her trichome coverage leaves nothing to be desired. Cereal Milk is often favored for her incredible aroma and flavors, with a creamy and fruity sweetness that includes just a hint of herbs.

Cereal Milk is a balanced sativa-indica hybrid strain from the Cookies Fam.

The top reported aromas are reminiscent of the fruity milk leftover after a bowl of sugary cereal, and the top reported flavors are creamy berry and fruity citrus. The Cereal Milk strain is a potent hybrid that not only produces a delicious scent and flavor reminiscent of fruity cereal milk, but its cured buds are a site to behold. They present with varying shades of deep mossy greens mixed with pale yellows. Its pistils are a light orange and its trichomes make it look like it’s been dunked in sugar.

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