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Cherry Bomb Strain (Cherry Bomb Gelato Strain)

Cherry Bomb Strain, Buy cherry bomb strain online is a well-balanced hybrid that makes for a good all-purpose smoke. Born from an unnamed California indica and fabled Mr. Greengenes landrace sativa from Hawaii, this bud offers mental engagement that’s tempered by calm physical sedation. cherry bomb weed strain.

Its dank and fruity flavor only serves to complement this multilayered high. Consumers outside the U.S. should note that Netherland-based company Bomb Seeds also offers a strain named Cherry Bomb, with more indica-heavy effects and roots in perennial favorite Big Bud.

Cherry Bomb tastes exactly how you’d imagine it: like a big blast of cherries. It also combines notes of blackberry and blueberry, so it’s like an explosion of flavor on your tastebuds. This strain is just as potent as it is delicious, however – and is well-known for its psychoactive high. cherry bomb marijuana strain can also help combat aches and pains, and leave you in a blissful mellow haze.

Bomb Seeds says it crossed its Big Bomb with a fruity mother to create this version of black cherry bomb. The high-THC, aromatic, flavorful plant is a prolific producer with purple-red, trichome-covered buds. Several versions of Cherry Bomb exist; this one is not to be confused with Barney’s Farms’ discontinued Cherry Bomb or the legendary Cherry Bomb said to have been created by Mr. Greengenes from Maui Waui and Cherry AK47.

Cherry Bomb Gelato Strain – Cherry Bomb by Bomb Seeds

The mostly Indica hybrid grows to a medium height and flowers in eight to 10 weeks, or late September to early October in the Northern Hemisphere, according to Bomb Seeds. Cherry Bomb is easy to grow either indoors or outdoors, with high yields for pro and amateur farmers alike. Its cherry taste and skunk aroma deliver a relaxing, mind-clearing effect, according to Bomb Seeds.

Cherry Bomb by Barney’s Farms

Barney’s Farms’ version of Cherry Bomb crosses a NorCal indica with a Hawaiian Sativa to create a plant with uber green buds that are covered in glittery trichomes and give off a strong, bitter aroma, online sources say. Several versions of Cherry Bomb exist; this one is not to be confused with Bomb Seeds’ Cherry Bomb or the legendary Cherry Bomb said to have been created by Mr. Greengenes from Maui Waui x Cherry AK47.

According to reports online, Cherry Bomb grows to a medium height and blooms in 10 to 12 weeks indoors or in late October to early November outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s said to deliver high yields.

Cherry Bomb has true bag appeal, wowing buyers with its medium to large-sized flowers. The buds have a seemingly hybridized structure, dense and compact at their center like many indicas, but with fluffy, loose leaves that seem more characteristic of Sativa varieties.

Cherry Bomb Weed Strain

The leaves are a pale sage green, although some phenotypes of Cherry Bomb boast faint shades of purple; these latter hues come about when pigments called anthocyanins are stimulated by cold weather during the growing process. Finally, a coating of sticky, icy white trichomes ensure the buds’ psychoactivity.

Cherry Bomb is a medical marijuana hybrid strain whose Sativa-dominant properties are easily recognizable. Part of the Mr. Greengreen Hawaiian Cherry Bomb Sativa, and the California Cherry Bomb Indica, family of genetics this strain contains 17-22% THC. Numerous versions of this strain are showing up all throughout the medical marijuana industry but this one seems to be the most logical.

Trichomes cover the majority of the inner surface of the buds. Where this strain thrives is in terms of effects and potency. Since it falls right in the moderate potency category, patients are able to get relief from that needed daytime smoke. It starts off a little bit cerebral. Then becomes more focused to slow down your body. And no type of hangover effect. Patients use this strain for conditions such as debilitating or chronic pain, mood disorders, lack of energy, glaucoma, lethargy, or for just a fast pick me up.

Dry eyes and dry mouth are all that keep cherry bomb strain from being perfect. It is perfect for those patients who are only looking to get slightly medicated or to start the day off right. Appearance is light green and not much to look at, but it gets high ratings from fans of the fruity-style strains.

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