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Lemon Head Strain, also known as “Lemonhead OG,” is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain created as a cut of Kush from the infamous Royal Choice Farms. This bud packs an insanely high 22-23% average THC level and dazzling bright flavors into each beautiful little nug. Lemonhead buds have small round olive green nugs with rich amber undertones, bright fiery orange hairs, and a coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes that look almost golden in the right light. lemon heads weed strain

As you break apart each sticky little nug, fresh aromas of earthy lemon and sweet woodiness are released, which become slightly spicy as the nugs are burned. The flavor is very tangy and sweet with a lemony pine taste that lingers on your tongue long after you finish toking. Almost as soon as you experience your first smooth exhale, the effects of Lemonhead will hit you. You’ll feel an onset of happy lifted energy that rushes through your brain with dazing euphoria and focus accompanied by a growing sense of energy.

This is accompanied by a sense of motivation with a touch of relaxation that leaves you grounded as your mind soars. Thanks to these effects and its high THC level, Lemonhead is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as cramps or spasms, chronic pain, depression, appetite loss, and chronic stress.

Lemon Head by Dark Horse Genetics

Bred by Dark Horse Genetics, weed maps strains lemon head is a double hit of lemon-inspired strains from a Lemonade female with a Lemon male. According to several online seed banks, the citrusy combination creates a Sativa-leaning strain with extreme lemon flavor and a sour-yet-sweet taste. lemon head 710 strain

Lemon Heads by Archive Seed Bank

A limited release from Archive Seed Bank, Lemon Heads is a cross of a Lemon G clone and Face Off. Lemon Heads yield big, resin-crusted buds that carry an intense lemon flavor. Lemon Heads appears to be discontinued. Lemonhead OG (or just Lemonhead) is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that was first grown in the United States and is a proprietary strain of Arizona-based growers Royal Choice Farms.

The mission of these illustrious breeders is to maintain a consistent quality of the product without the use of pesticides, which the state of Arizona does not require testing for. Royal Choice Farms products, including Lemonhead OG, are made with the utmost care and without harmful unregulated pesticides. Lemonhead OG is the product of breeding popular strain C4 with a cut of its OG Kush plant, creating a strain with a wonderfully potent terpene profile. This daytime strain is a great pick-me-up as it boosts mood and promotes social behavior.

Lemon Heads #2 Strain – Dead Lemon Head Strain

Lemonhead OG nugs look just like its namesake candy. Expect to pick up small, rounded buds that take on hues from mint to olive green. Bright, fuzzy pistils help add a bit of depth to their appearance and add a bit of an orange undertone to their overall color palate. The trichomes on these buds are tiny but numerous, and under the right light often take on an amber tone. The aroma produced when nugs are broken down contains scents of sweet citrus, dank wood, and a bit of sharp pine.

The flavor you’ll taste when burning these buds is that of lemony pine mixed with a bit of sweet and tangy citrus. Bred by Royal Choice Farms, Lemonhead OG, aka Lemon Head, is a strain that’s perfect for anyone that loves a zesty and uplifting lemon scent. It produces undertones of mint or eucalyptus, but has a taste that’s a bit different and usually has floral notes as well.

Fans of Lemonhead OG have stated they love its potential as a means of improving mood and increasing energy while simultaneously creating a body high that eases tension. Lemonhead OG has been associated by some reviewers with fits of laughter, while others enjoy its potential to keep a smile on their faces. This may indicate Lemonhead OG is well-suited for social interactions, as it may allow the consumer to experience improved confidence.

THC levels of Lemonhead OG can be in the high 20s, so consume with caution to ensure you don’t accidentally have too much which could lead to a bit of anxiety.

Lemon Head Weed Strain – Lemon Head Strain Indica or Sativa

Lemon Head is the delicious result of Lemonade being crossed with Lemon. Both are awesome strains! This crossing created a sativa-heavy beast that offers energizing and cerebral highs. lemon head larry strain

This high is perfect for when pursuing creative projects, or when seeking enhanced focus and inspiration. The taste offered by lemon cherry heads strain is a mouth-watering mix of sweet and sour, with pungent tones of lemon punching through the center of the mix.

Lemon Head is a flexible strain that grows with ease within indoor grow tents or outdoor garden beds. A flowering time of only 8-9 weeks makes the strain an ally for growers who want buds in their stash jars as soon as possible.

Lemon head og strain is a Kush cut that’s impressive all on its own. You’ll sometimes see it called the sour lemon head strain. Royal Choice Farms chose it for its bright, fun flavor that’s matched only by its energetic feelings. lemon cherry heads strain

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