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Melonade Strain, Buy melonade strain online is a heavily Sativa dominant hybrid strain (90% Sativa/10% Indica) created through a cross of the delicious Lemon Zkittlez X Lemon Tree strains. Ever tried melon-flavored lemonade? Either way, you’re going to fall head over heels for this delicious bud. Melonade weed strain packs a sweet fruity citrus flavor with hints of tasty melons and sour lemon upon exhale. alien labs melonade x sherbacio

The aroma of alien labs melonade is earthy and citrusy with a melon overtone that becomes spicy as the nugs are burned. The Melonade high is just as delightful as the flavor, with calming and focused effects that are perfect for getting you moving on your to-do list of both mental and physical tasks. Melonade x sherbacio strain

You’ll feel focused and euphoric with a lifted sense that provides you with light mental energy that works well with creative and artistic undertakings. A relaxing body calm accompanies this cerebral state, keeping you totally calm yet energized throughout the duration of the high. atomic apple x melonade

With these effects and its insanely high 24-27% average THC level, Melonade is said to be perfect for treating those suffering from mood swings, depression, ADD or ADHD, insomnia, and chronic stress. This bud has spade-shaped dense bright neon green nugs with rich forest undertones, thin orange hairs, and a coating of frosty golden amber crystal trichomes.

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Melonade breath strain is a flavorful hybrid strain from Dying Breed. alien labs melonade

The top reported aromas are a fruity, citrus aroma, with hints of melon. The top reported flavors are a sweet, fruity flavor reminiscent of watermelon with citrus notes.

Melonade is an award-winning strain that was first created by Midwest Best as a cross between Watermelon Zkittlez and Lemon Tree. This Sativa-dominant hybrid takes on an overtly sweet terpene profile that is jam-packed with notes of subtle melon, zesty citrus, and an earthy, cookie or cake-like essence. melonade cartridge

You might be a fan of lemonade, but wait until you try Melonade! An award-winning Sativa dominant hybrid strain, Melonade was created by crossing Lemon Tree and Watermelon Zkittlez by breeders at Midwest Best. However, this strain was popularized by Alien Labs after taking home the first-place prize at the 2018 Cannabis Cup! Just like it sounds, the flavor profile of this refreshing strain is a mouthwatering blend of sweet citrus and melons.

With THC levels that soar as high as 27% potency, this is a Sativa treat that is sure to pick you up when you’re feeling down, and like a glass of refreshing Melonade, it is perfect for any sunny afternoon!

A 2018 Cannabis Cup winner, Melonade is a delicious strain bred by Midwest Best and popularized by Alienlabs. This award-winner emits a scent that’s been compared to watermelon lemonade and produces buds that look fuzzy with loads of trichomes and orange pistils. Its dense light green tones are further lightened by the thick layer of trichomes it’s renowned for.

melonade 2.0 strain – melonade weed strain

Melonade gets its mouth-watering terpene profile from crossing Watermelon Zkittles with Lemon Tree. Its scent isn’t as pungent as either of its two parents, which can be helpful for anyone looking for a strain with a more subtle scent. melonade review

Effects of Melonade have been described by some consumers as great for uplifting mood and allowing negativity to be lifted after a long and stressful day. This hybrid can either inspire creativity and focus or lead to sedation depending on how much is consumed, according to reviewers.

Melonade strain alien labs is an incredibly Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis first grown in the United States. First bred by Midwest Best, melonade alien labs were popularized by AlienLabs who took the strain all the way to the top of the 2018 Cannabis Cup. This 1st prize-winning strain is known for its incredibly vibrant aroma and flavor profiles in addition to its light and heady cerebral high. It is a cross between Watermelon Zkittles and Lemon Tree. This strain contains an average THC concentration of around 25% and is perfect for daytime or early afternoon smoke. alien labs melonade, melonade strain.


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