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Vanilla Frosting Strain (vanilla frost strain)

Vanilla Frosting Strain, vanilla frosting weed strain is a slightly Indica dominant hybrid strain (65% Indica/35% Sativa) created through crossing the infamous Humboldt Frost OG X Humboldt Gelato BX3 strains. With this bud, the name says it all in the flavor department. Vanilla Frosting has a flavor remarkably like vanilla frosting, with a sweet and creamy taste that’s accented by light rich florals. vanilla frosting strain allbud.

More so, the aroma is very similar, although with hints of pungent herbs and flowers to it, too. The Vanilla Frosting high is just as delicious as the flavor, with happy and relaxing effects that will activate the mind while relaxing the body. You’ll feel a lift settle in at the onset of the high, filling your mind with a sense of happy creativity and focus that has you ready to tackle the artistic task at hand. vanilla frosting marijuana strain

Furthermore, a light physical relaxation accompanies this cerebral boost, keeping you anchored as your mind flies higher and higher. With these long-lasting effects and its super high THC level that bottoms out at 25%, Vanilla Frosting is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic fatigue, ADD or ADHD, depression, chronic stress, and headaches or migraines. This bud has long grape-shaped olive green nugs with deep purple undertones, long thin light amber hairs, and a coating of frosty thick white crystal trichomes.

Vanilla Frost Strain – Vanilla Frosting Weed Strain

Coming from Humboldt Seed Company, Vanilla Frosting is a cross of Humboldt Frost OG and Humboldt Gelato Bx3. Designed to improve upon the various Gelato lines from the last few years, Vanilla Frosting takes to the sky with a vigorous growth pattern.
Buds grow dense with silvery green flowers that are accented by hints of purple, and the creamy smooth aroma has notes of vanilla that end with a gassy finish. Vanilla Frosting is a high-potency strain that will blast you into outer space on a funfetti adventure.
Improving the Gelato lines of the past few years, this strain steers away from squat flowers and heads to the skies. Prioritizing hybrid vigor and THC production, these seeds will pack an acre without the finicky growth habits of OG. Strong stalks lead to less breakage from the dense buds that will fill your 1/8 jars or pipes for days.
Huge trichome-covered buds with perfect node gaps mean easy hand or machine trimming. Get these straightforward fuels and up to 30% THC producers while they last folks!

Vanilla Frosting Strain Effects

Reviewers say this is a potent strain, with a cerebral, uplifting onset of effects. Vanilla Frosting’s relaxing high makes it an ideal strain for those looking to indulge with cannabis, while still maintaining focus and cognitive abilities, according to loyal fans of this strain.

Adequately cultivated batches of Vanilla Frosting are known to produce large and airy, olive green buds, that are coated in a light layer of trichomes and sparse, orange pistils. Breaking open the buds of Vanilla Frosting yields an intense, sweet, and floral scent, with spicy and vanilla-like undertones. Depending on the consumption method when indulging in the buds of Vanilla Frosting, users will experience a sweet, creamy, vanilla flavor, with a floral and slightly spicy aftertaste.

Users who have had the chance to try Vanilla Frosting often recommend it for combating symptoms of depression, stress, and mild fatigue. Its THC content, which is known to reach levels of up to 22%, combines with a good combination of terpenes, including Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Myrcene, and Terpinolene. vanilla frosting weed strain, frosted vanilla cake strain, vanilla frost weed strain.

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